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Angel of Love


Dominion: Anael has dominion over the air, thereby influencing love, romance and passion. Hence, Love is in the air.
Anael's appearence depend on the person. To a normal human she looks normal . She sports long white hair that she styles with curls and may sometimes put up in stylish buns. She has bright vivid eyes. that catch the attention of most who look upon her as well. She has a nice petite figure and often frames it with a silk angelic scarf with little to nothing else under it and a matching white frilled skirt.

To one who is other than a human or has some supernatural ability, She may appear much different. Adding to her white hair , her eyes are a bright crystal blue with red markings beneath them. Her ears are long with red points at the end. Her back is covered completely by her wings which may pop out at will.

Being an angel there are dangers such as demons or other monsters. She has a way to defend herself from them.
She wields her bow named 'Venus' and her primary set of arrows named 'Cupid' after the Roman mythological figures Venus, goddess of Love and Cupid, god of Desire.
Her secondary set of arrows are named Astraea, after the Greek vigin goddess of purity. These arrows are poisoned arrows she uses to deal damage to more powerful demons.

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Sat Jun 25, 2016, 4:30 AM
YourAvatar (10) by H-heartSeakerYourAvatar (9) by H-heartSeaker


||Seraphim Angel ||Angel of love|| Female|| Old(looks about 19-20) ||5'9 || Pansexual [but likes women more] || Single[muti-ship] || aloof but caring||

Ribbon Red
Anael may come off as aloof and snarky, and often times stubborn. This is especially when one would try to get along with her or even hook up with her. Unless she is the one who approaches them. It is often because she may not trust the other [from her personal experience] or she just flat out dislikes the person. However, Anael's sweet charm is known by all who she befriends. She is type of person who can make anyone feel at ease and soothe their heart. She is often times very kind and loving toward those who treat her kindly. 
Ribbon 01 Ribbon 01 by M-seiran

 Aside from being an angel, Anael often roams around earth to observe human behavior and culture. She finds it highly interesting and isn't afraid to indulge herself in such festivities. She finds new experiences one of the only things to truly excite her. She hangs by her favorite coffee shop, walking about park trails full of nature and life, or places where she may practice playing piano. 

  • Reading: love notes
  • Watching: people fall in love
  • Eating: donuts
  • Drinking: frappes


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